That Moment When I Stumbled Upon a Montreal Escort Guide Online

Montreal Escorts

While browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon this website that claims to be a Montreal escort guide. That was around Christmas when I visited a relative in Montreal. Coming from a tropical country, I was not really that prepared to deal with the extremely cold weather in Montreal and that’s when I decided to take part into the warm and inviting escort service world. Of course, being a curious guy that I am, I immediately started searching for information about escort services in the city and the thought of trying out the service came across my mind.

Searching for an Escort Girl

After learning about the process of searching for an escort from the Montreal escort guide, I decided to check out the massage parlours within the city, which is like a walking distance from my relative’s place. Since I am not from Montreal, I am confident that I won’t run into anyone I know while I check out each of those massage parlours, looking for a potential escort to hire. Indeed, there are quite a lot of adult massage parlours in the city which offer all sorts of services. I picked out my choice and then set the deal.

Meeting the Girls

Despite having read a lot of things from the Montreal escort guide, I honestly felt nervous as hell when a guide ushered me to an alley in a not so appealing side of the city until we reached a small and dim room with a payment counter right in the corner. I walked in and suddenly, four provocatively dressed girls assembled in my front.  One of the girls is particularly helpful, asking for my age and telling me all sorts of compliments that I look younger than my actual age, etc. Not seeing anyone else that looked better than her, I decided to choose her.

Getting into the Room

The girl was just so delighted when I chose her, while the rest of the girls are frowning. So I paid up and then she led me to the back. She held my hand and whisked me away. We went to this room at the back of the place while she shared to me how the process goes, telling me what I needed to do and then she literally led me by the hand through everything, from the steam room, to the Jacuzzi and on to the bed which is exactly what was described on the Montreal escort guide I have read online.

Was I Satisfied?

Yes, I can definitely say I have enjoyed the experience. I admit it was not my first time using an escort service but it’s the first time that I did it in Montreal. I honestly was not expecting that there are lots of escort agencies in Montreal. Nevertheless, I was very thankful that I stumbled across the Montreal escort guide because the experience that I had with the escort has been the highlight of my Christmas vacation in this beautiful city of Canada.

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  • February 11, 2015
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