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It has been a while since me and my wife got divorced and after prolonged months of not being able to be with a lady company, I made the decision to check out some Montreal escorts. I made such decision because I felt like I will go insane due to loneliness. I went through a couple of blind dates that my friends have set up, however, none of those dates worked for me. I guess I am just not prepared for any emotional attachment at this time.

To be blunt, I simply wanted sex. Among the most common issues that a newly separated man will have to deal with is the lack of intimacy, and as you know, being married for 15 years with an active sex life, you can’t blame me why I crave for sex.

I Did My Own Research

Since this will be my first time to use the escort services, I did my own research at first. I had no idea what the experience will be like and I also wanted to know where I could find the best escort in the city. Although there are lots of men who were quite happy with the experience, there are some guys who warned others not to consider seeing an escort. But that was not enough to change my mind. I just feel lonely lately and being with an escort would at least make me feel better.

Hiring an Escort Online

I am firm with my decision and no one could ever stop me anymore. So I took a chance and booked an escort online. To my surprise, there are actually quite a lot of agencies in Montreal that will allow you to book Montreal escorts. In less than an hour only, I found a certain agency that provides stunning girls for escort services. One of the girls that caught my eye was this girl named Natalie, an extremely hot woman. She had such a nice curve and was exactly what I had fantasized. So I phoned the agency and I explained that I will book a hotel and I wanted Natalie to come over. I set the date and time, I made a payment and I’m booked!

Meeting Natalie

While waiting at the hotel, I took a shower and wrapped a bath towel around me. And soon enough, I heard a knock. I went towards the door and opened it, and there I saw Natalie looking so spectacular and glowing. She looks exactly just like what I saw on the website, and right at that moment, I forgot all my loneliness. So we had a drink. I got a bottle of champagne and poured it in a glass for her while she’s sitting on the bed. Right after I put the drink, my bath towel accidentally dropped on the floor. I blushed with humiliation and she smiled with those attractive pouty lips and gave me a kiss, and the rest is history.

If you ask me, I would highly recommend the Montreal escorts to lonely single men like me. After my encounter with Natalie, I regained back my self confidence and I’m feeling so much better now.

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  • February 15, 2015
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