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Montreal Models

I never thought that it’s actually possible to meet Montreal models that you can hire for an escort service. I admit I am a pro when it comes to paying pretty girls for a date and perhaps having sexual relations with them. Well I know a lot of guys who are doing this as a hobby. Others want these girls for company, some to get a massage while others simply want to satisfy their sexual cravings. I could say I am all of these guys and I can say I am enjoying the experience a lot. So to help those who are a beginner in the world of escourt services in Montreal, this guide is for you.

Look for a Reputable Agency

The first step is to look for a reputable agency that offers escorting services. In my experience, I was surprised to know that some model agencies in Montreal would actually offer Montreal models for escort services. Of course, since these are stunning ladies who are into the world of modelling, you can expect to pay a higher price, as compared to just hiring a typical escort girl. I never thought this is real, so out of curiosity, I decided to check out one of the agencies and decided to book a really stunning model, one who looks just like those pretty girls that I see on print ads and magazines.

Negotiate the Price

Just like with booking any type of escort girl, you must first negotiate the price that you need to pay for these Montreal models. As what I have said, these girls could cost you a lot, but I tried my negotiating skills to see if these agencies can give me a good price. Indeed, I was able to bargain and get exactly what I wanted – a gorgeous blonde model in her early twenties.


Montreal Escort Agency

Enjoy the Company

Take note that these Montreal models are a bit more decent as compared to other escort girls that I have booked in the past. It’s not like they will show up on your hotel door dressed provocatively with very heavy makeup and ready to strip and get naked.

So here is what happened.  After I made the payment, I was given the mobile number of the model that I am meeting with. I called her and talked to her and when I asked where we can meet, she asked to meet me at some fancy restaurant where we can have dinner and we can talk about where we are heading next. I thought this is something interesting for it’s like you are out on a date.

I was really lost for words after seeing the model for the first time. We had great conversations over dinner. She is smart and decent enough that you will never ever think that she is an escort girl.

I would say that my experience with the gorgeous model is definitely worth the price I paid, not to mention the expensive dinner we had. So if you want to experience what I have experienced, then you better try booking Montreal models for escort services the next time!



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  • February 15, 2015
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