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Montreal Women

Just in case you’re wondering how it is like to be with Montreal women offering escort services, let me share to you my exciting experiences with them. For starters, you may ask where to visit in Montreal if you need to find an escort. Believe it or not, there are actually lots of sources that you can turn to. Aside from the Internet, you can refer to the Yellow Pages where there will be listings of some agencies that offer escort services. But in my own experience, using the Internet is more convenient.

Using the Internet to Hire an Escort Service

Prior to the Internet, it was a bit difficult to look for Montreal women offering escort services and it’s hard to tell which of these girls is good looking without really seeing them in person. The good thing about today is that you can just go and check out the websites of some agencies that offer these services and you will be presented with pictures of the escort girls that you can book. What’s even great about some of the agencies in Montreal is that they will also feature reviews coming from previous clients.  Of course, the better the reviews of the escort is, the higher is the price.

How to Book a Session

After I have decided which girls I would like to meet, I will send a message on the website, either through email or a private message and will discuss about the price and if everything is all set, I will then book an appointment and set a date. Sometimes, they will call you at least 24 hours ahead to confirm the date. The reason why you need to schedule an appointment is because the Montreal women escorts might be booked for other clients as well.

Montreal Women


The Exciting Part

You are probably excited to hear about the exciting part by now. So I waited in the hotel room at the date and time we set and soon enough, I heard a knock on the door. We exchanged an awkward pleasantry and hug and these was followed by some chitchats. I excused myself to use the restroom and I took a shower while she waited patiently on the bed.

To be honest, I am not good at initiating sex with someone whether they are an escort or not. So what I did was I just chatted with her while a towel was wrapped around my body. To my surprise, she started undressing which brought out so much excitement in me. Of course, I got naked as well and we both jumped on bed soon after, and you know what happened next.

Saying Goodbye

The session ended with both of us getting into the shower together.  After we dressed up, we had a good conversation. I handed her a generous amount of tip through an envelope because really, the experience was awesome and I have never been so sexually satisfied in my entire life. Upon leaving, we exchanged hugs and I promise to visit Montreal again soon and to definitely hire Montreal women escort services again. I couldn’t promise to get her again though, as there are simply a lot of women to choose from.

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  • February 15, 2015
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